8 ATV trails you need to visit this year

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Last updated: January 1

The United States is home to some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the world. Among the best ways to experience those environments is with one of the country’s countless ATV trails.

Whether you ATV to relax and experience nature, or enjoy ATVing for more fast-paced adventuring, there’s sure to be a trail to suit your tastes. Just remember to prepare properly, practice safe riding and leave the trail as you found it.

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Best states for ATVing

Some states have become known for their beautiful landscapes and friendliness towards the ATVing sport. Here are a few states known for being fantastic destinations for ATV enthusiasts.


Utah is home to over 80,000 miles of public off-road vehicle trails. From sandy dunes to gravel to even mountainous terrain – most ATV enthusiasts can find a trail that they’ll enjoy.

West Virginia

West Virginia has become a popular destination for ATVing in recent years with many trails being open all year round. It boasts having the largest trail system in the east – the Hatfield McCoy Trail System – which is comprised of 10 trails that offer a thrilling and beautiful ride through West Virginia’s mountainous terrain. The rolling mountains, hills and valleys have made the Mountain State an ATVing paradise for riders at any experience level.


California is known for its diverse landscape, great weather and beautiful views. And luckily, there are hundreds of ATV trails to choose from up and down the state – from Clay Pit up north in Oroville to Heber Dunes, just miles from the Mexican Border. That’s why riders of every preference and riding style are almost certain to find something they will enjoy in the Golden State.

Top 8 ATV trails to visit on your next off-road adventure

The Paiute ATV Trail, Utah

The Paiute ATV Trail is a 275-mile-long loop with over 1,000 miles of marked side trails and 1,500+ unofficial side trails to enjoy.

The trail is beginner-friendly, with four-foot-wide trails. Riders can enjoy the dense forest, outdoor activity sites, and picturesque vistas. For more information visit Utah.com.

Burr Trail, Utah

Utah’s Glen Canyon is home to Burr Trail, a 67-mile drive through rough, mountainous terrain. Experienced ATV riders can enjoy the scenes of Bullfrog recreation site, and the town of Boulder, Utah.

For more information, visit the National Park Service’s website.

Sundance Kid Trail, Utah

The Sundance Kid Trail is a 29-mile ATV trail available in late spring to fall seasons. Riders will need to climb to the ridge top where they can then ride down the trail. The trail sees riders past abandoned coal mines, Maths Peak, and by deep canyons.

For more information, visit Utah.com.

Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, West Virginia

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System is a group of three ATV trails: Bearwallow Trail System, Devil Anse Trail System and Rockhouse Trail System. Riders can expect to travel in dense forests and enjoy mountain top views. These trails cater to beginners, intermediate riders and advanced riders.

The Bearwallow consists of a single track with difficult-rated trails. It has a mix of easy riding and difficult trails for more experienced ATV riders. The trail is open to ATVs, UTVS and off-road motorcycles.

The Devil Anse Trail links the three Hatfield-McCoy Trails. It is considered suitable for intermediate ATV riders. The trailhead is located in the historic town of Matewan, known for being at the center of the Hatfield McCoy Feud.

The Rockhouse Trail is the most difficult of the Hatfield-McCoy trails. It spans over 100 miles of varied land through lush forest terrain.

For more information, visit the Hatfield McCoy website.

Ocala National Forest, Florida

Ocala National Forest has 189 total rail miles catering to a variety of skill levels. Riders can expect to find hills, banked turns, sand rails and ride through an endangered scrub forest down a twisting road.

These trails are designed for a leisurely pace to allow riders the opportunity to fully appreciate the sights and sounds. It is important to note that Ocala National Forest does not allow travel off marked trails in order to protect the National Forest grounds.

For more information, visit the Florida Forest Service’s website.

Arizona Peace Trail System, Arizona

The Arizona Peace Trail System connects Bullhead City to Yuma. The main trail is over 675 miles long with numerous linkages to local trails. Riders can experience sprawling desert roads lined by mountains, canyons, cactus, and rock formations.

For more information, visit Arizona Peace Trail’s website.

Sand Lake Recreation Area, Oregon

The Sand Lake Dunes are 3.5 miles long and 1076 acres, and are located between a mixed-conifer forest and the Pacific Ocean. The Sand Lake Dunes have wide open stretches of sand with small hills to traverse. This is a relatively easy place to ATV, making it suitable for beginners and families.

For more information, visit the Forest Service’s website.

Buck Rock, California

A part of Sequoia National Forest, Buck Rock Trail is a 7.6-mile loop trail near Stony Creek Village, and is suitable for beginner ATV riders. Riders can enjoy riding through forests and rocky terrain.

Visit the US Forest Service for more information

Make sure your ATV is protected

Whether you’re traveling to any of these trails or you live in the state that one is in, you may be required to carry proof of insurance for your ATV. It's a good idea to check local laws regarding ATV insurance before you ride a trail. And, even if insurance isn't a legal requirement in that area, you may decide that an off-road policy makes sense for you.