What is landlord liability insurance?

By Allstate

Last updated: January 1

Liability coverage is a standard offering in most landlord insurance policies. It helps pay for your expenses if you're found legally responsible after someone is injured on your property or if you are required to pay for damage done to someone else's property.

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Do I need landlord liability insurance?

Your homeowners insurance policy likely won't cover a home that you rent out. Landlord insurance typically provides coverage for the structure of the home, and also includes liability coverage that may help prevent you from paying out of pocket if you are found at fault in certain situations.

If you have a mortgage on the home you're renting to tenants, you may find that your lender requires you to have landlord insurance.

What is covered by landlord liability insurance?

Tenant injuries, for instance, may be a concern for landlords. Let's say a loose handrail causes a tenant to fall. You could be held responsible for resulting injuries, according to the Insurance Journal, if you were found negligent in maintaining the property — or even if you just failed to warn the tenant of a potential safety risk.

If that were to happen, your landlord liability coverage would likely kick in to help pay your legal defense and help cover court judgments made against you, up to the limits stated in your policy.

Other situations could also expose you to liability, according to the Insurance Journal. If you fail to provide proper security for your tenants, for instance, or if your tenant engages in unlawful behavior and you fail to take measures to stop it, you could be held liable. Landlord liability coverage can usually help protect you in these and other similar scenarios, up to the limit that's set in your policy.

Having a landlord insurance policy with liability coverage can go a long way toward giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a safety net in place, just in case.