Wedding insurance: Frequently asked questions

By Allstate

Last updated: January 1

You may be able to purchase two types of coverage to help protect your investment in your wedding: event cancellation coverage and event liability coverage. Here's a look at answers to some frequently asked questions about wedding insurance.

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What if I need to postpone my wedding?

Event cancellation coverage helps reimburse you for lost deposits and nonrefundable payments in certain situations. For example, if you have to reschedule or cancel your wedding reception due to the serious illness of the bride or groom or one of their immediate family members, if the bride or groom are called for military deployment, or you can't hold your event due to severe weather, such as an impending hurricane, event cancellation coverage helps reimburse you for expenses.

What if something is damaged or someone is injured at my wedding?

If the venue you rent for your reception is accidentally damaged by a guest, or if you're found responsible for a guest's injuries, event liability coverage may help pay for repairs to the venue or another person's resulting medical bills.

What if my venue closes before my wedding day?

If your reception hall unexpectedly goes out of business or can't operate on your wedding day due to circumstances beyond its control, such as a power outage, event cancellation insurance can help reimburse you for your nonrefundable deposit.

Does event insurance cover a destination wedding?

Event insurance may cover a destination wedding, depending on the location. Event insurance typically is available to U.S. citizens who hold a wedding in the U.S. or in certain locations outside the country. Your agent can tell you whether you'd have coverage in your selected destination.

Does wedding insurance cover my honeymoon?

If a situation covered by your event insurance policy affects both your wedding and your honeymoon, event cancellation coverage may help pay the costs of changing your honeymoon plans. However, you will not have coverage if you need to cancel your honeymoon, but not your wedding.

You may want to consider purchasing a separate travel insurance policy to help protect your investment in your honeymoon.

Does event insurance cover the full cost of my wedding?

Coverage limits apply to both event cancellation and event liability coverage. The limit is the maximum amount your policy will reimburse you for a covered claim. Like with other types of insurance, you may also need to pay a deductible before you're reimbursed for a wedding claim

What doesn't wedding insurance cover?

Event insurance will typically not pay for expenses if the bride or groom decide to call off the wedding due to cold feet or a change of heart. Also, event insurance generally does not cover equipment rented from a third-party business that's not affiliated with the venue. Read your policy or talk to your agent to learn what scenarios may and may not be covered.

When should I buy wedding insurance?

Generally, you should purchase an event insurance policy as soon as you start spending money on your wedding. There's often a defined time frame during which you can buy wedding insurance, though - for example, no more than two years in advance but at least 15 days before your wedding date. Ask your agent about any restrictions regarding when you can purchase event insurance.

How do I get wedding insurance?

Contact your local insurance agent for help purchasing an event insurance policy or for more information. With a better understanding of how wedding insurance works, you can take steps to begin protecting your investment in your special day.