Quick fix: Avoid door dings with a pool noodle

By Allstate

Last updated: January 1

Have you ever pulled your car into your garage, opened the car door and accidentally hit the wall? Just like that, the side of your car door has a ding. We’ve all been there, but there’s an inexpensive way to help avoid dents and dings. A pool noodle may be the key to helping protect your car doors, according to Precision Garage Door of Salt Lake.

Watch this video to see how a pool noodle can become a bumper for your car door.

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Step 1: Gather the materials

First, gather these materials:

  • A dry pool noodle
  • A box cutter or utility knife
  • Double-sided foam tape
  • A pencil
  • A measuring tape (optional)

Step 2: Cut pool noodle in half

Use a utility knife or box cutter to cut the pool noodle in half lengthwise. Take care when cutting — do this step on a flat surface such as a workbench or the garage floor. You may also want to consider wearing work gloves while cutting.

Step 3: Determine where your car door meets the garage wall

Carefully open your car door to determine where it makes contact with the garage wall. Using a pencil, lightly mark the point of contact on the wall. Using that mark as your guide, draw a longer line horizontally across the wall. If desired, you can use a measuring tape to make sure you are extending your line at the correct height or for the length of the pool noodle.

Step 4: Attach the noodle to the garage wall

Cut two strips of mounting tape the length of the pool noodle. Apply these strips of tape to the edges of the noodle. Then, attach the noodle to the wall, horizontally along the line you marked earlier.

Alternatively, The Family Handyman says you could use nails to attach the pool noodle to the wall to really help it stay in place. However, be sure to use the appropriate tools and nails for your garage wall.

Step 5: Test your handiwork

Again, carefully open the car door. It should now touch the soft pool noodle instead of the wall. If it doesn't, remount the noodle at the appropriate height.

No one likes dents in their car, especially when it is from something as simple as opening the door. Use this quick fix to help avoid door dings by mounting a simple pool noodle to your garage wall.