Interactive EV charging station map

By Allstate

Last updated: June 2022

Select a pin to view a specific charging station's address, directions, phone number, charging level, EVSE ports, connectors, hours and network.

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How to use the EV charging map

To find an electric vehicle (EV) charging station near a specific address, enter the address in the “Enter location” search bar on the interactive map. This will give you a list of all charging stations near that location, sorted by distance.

To find a station with chargers and connectors compatible with your EV model, you can filter your results under “Connectors.” In the "Advanced Filters" tab you can also filter your results by country, state, province or territory.

Selecting the pins on the interactive map will show you the name of the location, address, phone number and charge level of the station. Selecting the Directions button located above the phone number will provide a link to Google Maps.

Station details are subject to change. We recommend calling the station to verify location, hours of operation and access.

More details on a specific location

If you need more information about a specific charging location, you can select a pin and then "+ More" on the bottom right-hand corner of the information bubble. This will provide the following details:

  • The EVSE ports
  • The type of connector
  • The charging network
  • A description of where at the location the electric charging stations are located
  • The hours of operation
  • The date the information about the charging station was last confirmed

Planning a trip with the EV interactive map

If you want to take a trip in your electric vehicle, select the "Map a Route" button on the top right on the map interface, where you can enter your starting and end destination.

Press Enter on your keyboard or select the magnifying glass to get a route to your destination with EV charging stations. You can use the filtering options to show stations within a specified route, charger types and the type of connector.

What is an EV charging station?

Electric vehicles have rechargeable batteries. Just like any device with a rechargeable battery, they must be charged for the vehicle to work. An EV charging station is a location where EV batteries can be charged using a special EV charger.

What makes EV chargers different comes down to the combination of charge level and connector type. This indicates the cost of charging at that station and if it’s compatible with a specific EV.

Charge levels and connection types

The charge level in a charging station shows its voltage. Connection types indicate the type of plug a charging station uses, according to the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC).

Level 1 chargers are the lowest voltage chargers at 110-120 volts and use J1772 connectors. This is a standard household voltage in the United States.

Level 2 chargers provide 220-240 volts of power to an EV battery – double the voltage of Level 1 chargers, providing faster charging. They also use J1772 connectors.

Level 3 chargers deliver 400 volts or more, providing the fastest charge of the three levels. The tradeoff is that this high voltage may not be suitable for all EV batteries. DC Fast chargers use SAE CCS, CHAdeMO and Tesla connections.

Referring to an EV's documentation may help determine what charge level and connection types it is compatible with.

Insuring your electric vehicle

Having a plan for where and how to access an appropriate charging station can be a vital component of EV ownership. Another key component is making sure that you are prepared for the unexpected by having insurance for your EV to cover the car and its components. It is also recommended to have a roadside assistance plan in case your EV does run out of battery, or any other issues occur, along your route.